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Emotional Healing Through Counseling


If you're a man or woman and you have recently experienced an abortion or sometime in your past, your first emotional response may have been relief. The challenges of an unplanned pregnancy were gone and you could go on with the rest of your life. However in time, you may experience feelings of pain, loss or shame. You may also feel that your abortion is something that must be hidden from others, especially those closest to you. You can’t imagine them knowing and you can’t bear to face their shock and disappointment.


This 10-week class helps men and women emotionally and spiritually process their struggles following an abortion. With a small class size and compassionate support, you will find the courage to face the pain of a previous abortion (or abortions), no matter how long it’s been. Classes are completely confidential.


We understand and we care about you. Trust us to help you put the pain in the past and start living the life you were meant to.


This virtual gathering is available to men and women suffering from the aftermath of having an abortion. Immediate emotional support and a community of people who can empathize with your pain can be highly effective for your healing process. You don't have to wait to begin the  healing process. Sessions are confidential.  There is no cost for this online group however, donations are appreciated. Call us to register. 

Is Abortion Right or Wrong?

Check out this video made by PragerU, where they address a difficult question: is abortion right or wrong?

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