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A Caring Connection

Six Benefits of One-on-One Mentorship

Significant life changes, like having a baby or parenting difficult ages, can feel overwhelming and lonely. There are so many unknowns and endless questions. It’s so easy to feel lost, fearful, or unprepared.


As much as we all want to succeed by ourselves, sometimes we need a little help from someone who’s already been through it. Thankfully, there are people who can help you find your footing—personal mentors. Talking to someone with a bit more experience can provide welcome guidance, help you learn new skills, and enable you to better navigate tough chapters in life. 

With one-on-one mentorship, you’ll also get:

Increased motivation. Supportive mentoring relationships can increase your motivation to do well, whether you’re focused on a healthy pregnancy, parenting children, or raising teenagers.

Access to a safe environment. Mentors offer a non-judgmental, emotionally safe space where you can ask questions, share difficult feelings, and be vulnerable.

A sense of connection. Feelings of loneliness and disconnection can hit anyone, regardless of age or stage of life. Regularly connecting with a caring mentor can serve as a lifeline—offering words of encouragement to keep you going when life gets tough. 

Personal and spiritual growth. Mentors not only want to encourage you, they look for teachable moments to encourage personal growth. They care about you and invest their time to help you succeed.

Knowledge from a broader perspective. Mentors are valuable sources of knowledge. A mentor can help you learn new things and give you a big-picture perspective, which can impact your commitment, performance, and attitude.  

Bolstered endurance. Everyone needs to feel they have someone in their corner. Having a mentor cheering you on can help you manage anxiety and build mental fitness to overcome hardship.

More confidence and self-awareness. The increased confidence you develop in a mentoring context can help you foster a growth mindset, become more resilient, and view challenges as opportunities to improve.

At LivingWell Pregnancy Centers, we offer free, one-on-one mentorship through our Care Ministries branch for people seeking guidance on pregnancy and parenting. Check out our support groups on our website to learn more about our “Mentor Moms” program.  

A Closing Prayer

God, thank you for making a way through your Son Jesus’s death on the Cross for us to come to you for help (John 3:16). In you, we have a Father, in Christ, we have a Lord, Savior, friend, and brother. When I feel alone and helpless, you meet me in my deepest struggle. Help me find a mentor or discipler to walk with me through my trial and help bear my burden (Galatians 6:2). May we both share truth in love (Ephesians 4:15). May my heart be open to hearing truth, encouragement, and correction when needed.

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